Wellman Realty | Columbia, SC | 440 Cami Forest Lane | Ellen's Glen

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$89k  Townhouse    MAP

440 Cami Forest Lane - end unit

2 Bedrooms  |  2.5 Bathrooms  |  All Appliances Included

Hardwood Floors  |  Tiled Bathroom floors

Located in Knollwood / Elle's Glen behind the Dorn VA Hospital.  Walking distance to the SC School of Medicine. Two bedrooms each with a private bath. Washer & Dryer.  Large Den / Dining room with gas fireplace.  Private tile patio. 


434 Cami Forest Lane434 Cami Forest Lane


Burton W. Fowles  (803) 600-6479

Hardwood Floors - UpgradeHardwood Floors - Upgrade